Zombies! Mindless Un-dead Monsters!

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Guest Blog Post By: Craig Wilson

However, there’s more than one type of these creatures…


Ah, voodoo zombies. These are a lot more of the traditional type. These types of zombies are bodies that have been reanimated by the religion of Voodoo. Voodoo priests reanimate these corpses, and have full control of these creatures.

In a horror comic, which I have, two medallions are needed: one for the zombie to wear around his neck, and the other for the master to wield.


Chemical zombies: corpses brought back by some strange experimental chemical. Ah, these types are great for horror due to our fear of not understanding foreign chemicals. The causes are most likely due to an army truck supplying this chemical and it somehow ending up near a cemetery (like Return Of The Living Dead 2); or, maybe a mad scientist is after creating an army of zombies, and the vital ingredient is this chemical?


Of course, there’s also the type of zombies where it’s a human being controlled by some freakish alien parasite. The idea of something disgusting entering our bodies and controlling our brains is definitely great for nightmare fuel.


What’s scary about a zombie? If you’ve asked this question, then you’ve never seen a zombie film. To say what’s scary about them is the fact that they’re mindless eating machines that want to consume your flesh; and if they do not devour all of you, then you too become a heartless killing machine!


How to defeat a zombie? Well, that depends on your situation! If you’re in a Romero zombie film, aim for the head of a zombie. However, if you were in the game Resident Evil (the remake), you have to shoot it and then burnt it.


So, to end this blog I say this, my horror-fanatic-friends! Board up your doors and windows, have a good bomb-shelter-type-area, and make sure you have enough supplies; you never know when a zombie apocalypse will happen!
Say, what’s just bitten me? And why am I insanely hungry all of a sudden?

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