‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Comes Up Short at the Box Office

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Coming out the year before The Walking Dead juggernaut hit the airwaves, 2009’s Zombieland preceded the oversaturation of the undead in pop culture that we’ve only recently started to emerge from. Not that zombies should ever go away.

Still, when the first Zombieland hit, Ruben Fleischer’s film was like a breath of fresh air, expertly balancing gore with laughs, and earning raves from critics and over $100 million at the box office worldwide. In short, we liked Zombieland, we really liked it.

Unfortunately, while the reviews for Zombieland: Double Tap are still at least mostly positive, the sequel isn’t exactly blowing away the box office. According to Deadline, Double Tap earned $26.7 million domestically, good enough for the weekend’s #3 spot.

Zombieland Double Tap

While international earnings raise the film to $32 million total, and Double Tap slightly topped the original’s opening domestically, the budget this time was $42 million, nearly double that of the first film. That’s likely thanks to the cast’s star power raising in the last decade.

Zombieland: Double Tap will still likely end up profitable before leaving theaters, but looks unlikely to even come close to the original’s profit margin, thanks to the higher budget. Personally, I thought it was hilarious, but one wonders if they’ll ever be a Zombieland 3.