UK Prankster Julius Dein April Fools Grandmother with Huge Zombie Stunt

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April Fool’s Day to prankster Julius Dein, is what Halloween is to the horror fan. And this year must have been his most elaborate yet getting his dear old grandmother with this amazing zombie stunt.

Dancing Zombie thanks to

As you will see his poor grandmother is no spring chicken and personally I would worry that she would suffer a heart attack, given that the stunt is so realistic. However this isn’t the first time he’s given her a jump or two and he probably knew she could take it, after all he must get it from somewhere.

Julius did receive some help from mobile games company IM30 creators of Last Empire – War Z who, I’m guessing helped with the resources on such a well put together stunt. As you could see, granny took it all quite well so no harm done.

Well done @juliusdein iHorror applauds you.

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