Zombie Safari Allows You to Shoot Paintballs at the Undead From Armored Vehicles

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The world has a major over saturation of zombie in our entertainment diet, but some of it still remains a pretty dang good time. For example, a Halloween attraction that allows you and a truckload of friends to shoot glow in the dark paintballs at hordes of the undead.

The video below shows some of the zombie blasting action. To mix things up, a few of the “zombies” look a little more like monsters as opposed to classic zombies, you can spot some wearing pumpkin and witch masks. It’s pretty cool that the glow in the dark paintballs act as tracer rounds to maintain sights on where you are shooting.


Zombie Safari Dallas is open every Fri. and Sat. in October from 7 to 10 pm.

Ticket prices start at $10. These can also be upgraded to different levels. The $500 private VIP access includes a zombie hunt for a party of up to 16 people.

Zombie Safari is located at Cousins Paintball in Forney, TX. For more information on registration and tickets head over HERE.

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