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Zombie Frappuccino is Going to Freeze Your Brain and Gain Your Knowledge

by Kelly McNeely
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I have a long and sordid history with Starbucks and their “specialty” beverages. Rainbow drinks? I dabbled. The unicorn frappuccino? I went there. But I’m of the belief that Starbucks is at their best when their fall featured drinks roll around (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, pumpkin spice is the best).

In the past, they’ve offered a Frappula frappuccino, a delicious combination of strawberry, mocha, and white chocolate. Sounds a bit mundane, you think? No. Look at this bloody beauty.

via The Fashion Spot

But this time, they’ve outdone themselves. According to Day of the Human, Starbucks will be rolling out a specialty Halloween blended beverage called the Zombie Frappuccino.

Inside sources (aka sneaky baristas with social media) have released early tidbits about its supposed release. The Zombie Frappuccino will allegedly be made from a creme base blended with a special new “Green Caramel Apple Powder and Pink Powder” with pink “brains” whipped cream and a pink mocha drizzle on top.

This drink is probably going to put you in a sugar coma.

via Hello Giggles

When I’m not clawing my face off over my love for horror and gore, I’ve got a toe dipped in the “basic bitch” pool. I drink boxed wine (it’s thrifty?), I love brunch, and I own several pairs of moccasins and off-brand Uggs (because they’re comfortable as fuck for walking my dog). So, yes, I’m pretty damn excited about this (rumored to be) upcoming specialty frappuccino.

The run will be extremely limited (set for October 26-31), but more often than not they tend to last an even shorter period of time due to fervent fans and curious customers. So if you’re in the camp of “oh dang I need this”, let’s learn a lesson from McDonald’s Szechuan sauce chaos. Prepare accordingly.

Featured image via One Country

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