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Zombie Blind Dating Could Lead to Love For This Couple

by Timothy Rawles

Facebook’s original series Virtually Dating puts strangers in VR suits to see how well they get along before actually meeting face-to-face.

Instead of taking your chances on someone in a dating app who may not know how to impale the undead, why not see how they react to that situation before vowing your eternal love to them?

In Facebook’s Virtually Dating, strangers do just that clad in VR goggles and motion sensor suits.

Did we mention these are all “blind” dates? The first time these contestants meet will be with their look-alike avatars.

iHorror was interested in the Rico and Amy’s story, two people looking for significant others who are willing to fight and become zombies in the process.

Amy loves The Walking Dead so their first date will take place in the streets of a post-apocalyptic world full of flesh-eaters in a test of compatibility which may lead to a wireless second date.

Things seem to get off to a good start upon their first meeting, both getting used to the awkwardness of being plugged in and animated, muddling through as the computer prompts them to get to know each other.

After they are transported to a dilapidated old building and asked to sketch their dream house, Amy and Rico are then warned by a computer who says, “this location is no longer safe, we have to go somewhere else.”

They are then whisked away to the desolate part of a cityscape in the middle of a zombie infestation where they themselves turn into the undead. Rico isn’t afraid of the walkers as much as he is of his wardrobe, “No! I got on a flannel!” he screams.

The couple’s time is up and they finally get to get their first looks at each other to decide if they want to go out again, for real this time.

They both have a big decision to make, “The experience was great. Being with a person in another world and given all those tools to work with made it exciting,” says Rico.

Amy adds that the VR didn’t hinder them in any way, “it actually helped us to actually maybe make a connection.”

So did these two say yes to a second meet-up? Check out the video below to see if there was a zombie love connection.


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