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‘Zombie Army 4: Dead War’ Launch Trailer Brings on the Gory Goodness

by Trey Hilburn III
Zombie Army

With Call of Duty nixing any sort of zombie mode from it’s latest release, we need to get our Nazi zombie killing fix from somewhere, right guys? Well thank the team over at Rebellion for the gory, over the top goodness that Zombie Army 4: Dead War is here to give.

The synopsis goes like this:

The year is 1946. Europe lies in ruins, torn apart by the nefarious “Plan Z.” A brave band of heroes cast the Führer into hell but little do they know … Hitler’s Hordes are back for more!

You know what to expect…although you aren’t probably expecting zombie sharks. Team up with 1-4 players and hit the hordes where it counts. The game is incredibly gory and utilizes x-ray sniping. A sequence that slows time down to reveal the damage a sniper bullet does to a zombies innards. Pssst, if you shoot them in the genital region, there is a special animation that awaits. I won’t spoil it here.

Check out the launch trailer for Zombie Army 4 below and be on the lookout for our full review coming later this week.

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