Nike’s ‘Freddy Krueger’ Themed Shoes Revealed

Trey Hilburn IIINews3 Comments

One, two. Freddy has another shoe. Nike is once again working on A Nightmare on Elm Street themed trainers. This time around, they unveiled a new rework of the classic Air Max 95. This is Nike’s second visit to Elm Street. The first time around was with their Freddy Krueger Nike SB Low Dunks.

The shoe comes modeled after Freddy’s color palette. A dirty brown of Krueger’s fedora mixed with the green stripes of his sweater. The really cool bit for me is the coagulated blood bladder that hides inside of the shoe’s sole.  Another selling point is the awesome blood splatter on the shoe’s heel and across the top laces. The metallic color on the heel to mirror Fred’s claws is another nice touch by Nike.


There is no word on when these will come out exactly just yet, but we assume they’ll be timed with their Dracula Air Trainer 3’s and will release in time for you to sport them by Halloween. Although, I’m not entirely sure you would want to wear them considering how rare and limited these editions are.

What do you guys think about Nike’s Freddy Krueger shoe? Let us know in the comments section.


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