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The Joker vs Pennywise? A battle between the two most dangerous, murderous, and evil clowns in all fictional existence?

The world would not be able to handle it. No, I’m dead serious! If it ever came down to that we would all be doomed. As it is the planet can barely handle either of the two maniac clowns who both share an equal taste for blood.


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Their methods and approach to issues are both completely different from one another. One uses the fragility of each person’s sanity as a weapon against the human soul. He – better than anyone – knows that sanity is nothing more than a flimsy sheet of ice. All it takes is one tiny crack – no wider than a hair’s breadth – and then another, then a few dozen more! All of a sudden the safe little world of rules and order that once protected us comes crashing down and a heartless and cold plunge deep into the dark abyss awaits underfoot. If we don’t drown in madness we rise up again, but to his twisted level. He greets us with a smile and soul-searing laughter.


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Pennywise seemingly holds more in common with Dr. Crane’s Scarecrow than he does with the Clown Prince of Crime. His war against the soul is rooted in the oldest emotion known to mankind – absolute fear. He has mastered the art of terror and springs it upon his victims like a wound-up Jack-in-the-box. He is the monster in the closet, under the bed, or behind your mind’s eye. He will manipulate the paranoia that followed you like ill-rested phantoms into your adult hood.


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In all likely hood IT quite possibly could exist in the subterranean dark of Gotham City. From its very genesis – from the laying of the first brick and the placement of the initial corner stone – Gotham has been a place of violent shadows and a dwelling of malice. It would not be so farfetched to imagine there was a primordial Evil feeding off the city, as well as poisoning the citizens with its defiling presence, causing them to commit unspeakable cruelties.


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It’s not so farfetched of an idea in the least really. After all, demons have seeped out of the ether of other dimensions before, bringing with them hellish consequences that test the merits of DC’s superheroes. This year’s METAL is proving to be one of the darkest and most page-turning stories I’ve read in a long time.


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So it’s easy to imagine Pennywise being at the root of Gotham’s corruption and pain, adding his darkness to its atmosphere. What other city relies on a knight who dresses like a bat to protect its inhabitants? Bats – though loved and adored by others like me – have universally been viewed as depictions of evil and looked upon with disdain.


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But the Dark Knight of Gotham chose the Bat to be his standard. And to all the families he protects, the Bat  – a historical emblem of malice – is a sign of security. When you break it down, maybe something like Pennywise is influencing Gotham.

It’s fun speculation, and it’s full of what ifs. What if there really is something evil and very old dwelling at the heart of Gotham? I’m sure Joker would be drawn to that kind of power, it would be magnetic to his mind. And what if the two evil clowns were to fight?


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Mightyraccoon! over at YouTube has put together a fun little teaser trailer that hints at the ‘what if’ conundrum. What if there was a Joker vs Pennywise? Who would win? It certainly is an opening to lots of fan-fic possibilities.

So please enjoy the trailer and in the comments below let us know what you think would happen.

IT is playing in theaters right now, so be sure to check for showtimes at a cinema near you. And don’t forget to check out DC to stay current with all the dark delights happening in the comic universe.

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