Here is a New Ash VS Evil Dead Trailer For You Screwheads

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We live in a pretty amazing time. For some amazing reason, the TV gods have decided that horror is a great fit for the television format. We are lucky enough to have shows like The Strain, The Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful, among others. Now comes the grandaddy of all grandaddy’s in the world of horror, Ash VS Evil Dead!


That’s right ya knucklheads we are about to ascend to true nirvana, come Oct. 31. Not only is it Halloween but we also get a look at the first episode of this amazing show. It’s been a long wait but we are almost there. In the meantime check out the newest trailer. It features a few new scenes that include Ash, ¬†Lucy Lawless looking like a badass, a couple more deadites and of course tons of blood. Who is ready for some Candarian demon goodness?

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