Ewan McGregor Talks About ‘Doctor Sleep’

Paul AloisioNewsLeave a Comment

“The book was better” is one of the most common complaints of any film adaptation, but Doctor Sleep fans shouldn’t be worried according to Ewan McGregor.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, McGregor, who will be playing Danny Torrence in the upcoming film, dished out that to know what happens in the movie, all you’ll need to do is read the book. He claims it to be very faithful to King’s novel.

From the interview:

“Well its very faithful to the book, the script, so … if you’ve read the novel, that’s the story we’re going to tell.”

Though McGregor has not met Stephen King, he says he’s looking forward to it. Colbert assured him by saying he is “Very pleasant and creepy at the same time.” Sounds like exactly what one would expect!

The interview is very sparse on details besides that, so if you’re looking for further info on the movie, you’re going to be out of luck…unless you read the book that is.

Regardless, McGregor’s enthusiasm about the project is a joy to watch and should get even the most casual Stephen King fan exciting for when Mike Flanagan’s film premieres in 2020.

You can watch the full interview here, starting from the point Colbert brings up the role of Danny Torrence.