Behold The Claymation Parody Adventures of Rick and Morty!

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Looking to get schwifty this Halloween but frustrated by the wait for brand new Rick And Morty episodes? Want to see your favorite characters in situations parodying other genre films in claymation? Do you want to see Rick Sanchez get Cronenberg’d?

Well, wait no further! Get into the horror-day spirit with the RICK AND MORTY NON-CANONICAL ADVENTURES! Animated by the ultra talented Lee Hardcastle, whose online work and contribution to The ABCs Of Death maybe frighteningly familiar. Each bumper in glorious and often messy claymation, parodies a different genre movie like The Thing and Ex Machina. With today’s premiere having a very different Shape than the usual Halloween boogeyman!


This isn’t the first time the dark and wacky grandfather/son duo have had encounters with the horror genre. Such as Incepting their way into through someone’s dreams and getting attacked by Scary Terry. “Like some sort of legally safe knockoff of an 80’s horror character with miniature swords for fingers instead of knives!” As Rick hurriedly declares. And then of course there was the time they accidentally Cronenberg’d the world…


Check out the various Non-Canonical bumpers below, with more to come, I’m sure. The anticipated Season 3 of the popular adult animated series should be hitting the airwaves within the next few months!

Honey I Shrunk The Kids

The Thing

Ex Machina

The Fly