‘Avengers Endgame’ Is A Ride In 4DX

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It’s Summer blockbuster season, which means among other things: spectacle. Of course there’s now 3D, Dolby, Recliner Seats, Imax, and Imax 3D, but if you want that extra touch of intensity, there’s 4DX. As we’ve written about before, 4DX includes moving seats, vibration, water sprays, even smells and 3D depending on the show. It adds a theme park like level of action to the experience, and the bigger the movie, the better the action. And it doesn’t get bigger, better, and more action-y than Avengers Endgame.

I had the opportunity to watch Avengers Endgame in the 4DX format after having already seen it in plain 2D and Imax 3D to compare. The epic conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe saga plays well in such a format with its fantastical fights and sojourns into space and beyond. Particularly, the final, be-all end-all climax is a fun dive as your seats move with the battle. One of my favorite scenes enhanced by 4DX involves Avengers member Hawkeye being chased by a cadre of alien Outriders through a flooding sewer tunnel in what feels like an homage to similar scene from the sci-fi/horror classic Aliens, which itself had a significant reference in the previous Avengers film, Infinity War.

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Of course, Avengers Endgame is a bit of a more somber movie than most high stakes super hero movies, so there are many scenes of calm, comedy, or drama that can’t quite be enhanced with the features of 4DX. But when it calls for it, it does enhance the experience of seeing literal titans throw-down. The water effect is fun, but it can get a bit distracting especially getting the 3D glasses fogged up. Though there is a button to turn that feature off if you want to avoid the splash zone. The 3D itself was great and added a depth to the movie, though with such a widescale movie, Imax and Imax 3D did give significantly more high definition with a larger screen. Overall though, if you’ve seen Avengers Endgame and/or want to pull as much of an experience from it as possible, 4DX is a great cherry on top

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