6 Paranormal Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now

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PodcastAnybody who likes horror loves listening to scary stories, and these days there’s no better way for horror lovers to get their fill of terror tales than by listening to podcasts. While there are some really good broadcast radio shows which take on the paranormal, sometimes it’s nice just to be able to queue up a scary story on demand – and completely free, too. I’ll share my favorite paranormal radio shows in another post, but for now, below are my top 6 Paranormal Podcasts.

Anything Ghost

Hosted by Lex Wahl, Anything Ghost is 100 percent caller or participant driven. While some of the calls are recorded and then played during the show, most of these ghostly tales are told by Wahl himself via emails he receives from listeners who want to share their spooky stories, some which can get down right creepy.

Most podcasts are over an hour long, and the Halloween podcasts are legendary.

The Anything Ghost podcast is available for streaming via PlayerFMStitcheriTunesTune-In and Libsyn.com.

The Paranormal Podcast

Hosted by Jim Harold, The Paranormal Podcast is usually updated once a week and includes a Q&A with a wide variety of popular horror and paranormal authors such as Matthew Swayne [“Haunted Rock & Roll”], Nick Pope [co-author of “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest”], and Debi Chestnut, author of “How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts & Spirits.”

The Paranormal Podcast offers free access to programs that are within a 90 day airtime. To listen to podcasts after this time period, you must have a Paranormal Plus membership, which is available for $7.95/month.

The Paranormal Podcast can be heard on iTunes, JimHarold.com, and Tune-In.

Jim Harold’s Campfire

While it may be another Jim Harold podcast, unlike The Paranormal Podcast, Campfire is entirely caller driven, offering up supernatural tales told by fans of the show. Pre-recorded at an earlier date, callers share their stories of ghosts, cryptids, aliens and UFO’s, shadow people, haunted houses and more.

Campfire offers free access to programs not older than 90 days. To listen to older podcasts, a Paranormal Plus membership is required.

Campfire podcasts can be heard via Tune-In, iTunes and JimHarold.com.

Welcome to Night Vale

For those who like their supernatural horror more on the make-believe side, Welcome to Night Vale is just for you. Presented in radio show format and consisting of conspiracy theories that plague the fictional Southwestern town of Night Vale, these podcasts are generally short, lasting 30 minutes or less, and are completely narrated by the main character of the show, with occasional guest stars filling in as local townsfolk.

Welcome to Night Vale is updated twice monthly and can he found on PodbayiTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Libsyn.

Welcome to Night Vale has achieved cult like status, and the cast has gone on to appear at various events and live shows across the country. A book – which promises even more supernatural Night Vale – is intended to hit shelves in 2015.

The Paracast

Hosted by Christopher O’Brien and Gene Steinberg, The Paracast is updated weekly. No subject is too taboo for these guys as they take on cryptozoology, animal mutilations, legends, hauntings, UFO’s and more.

O’Brien has also just released his latest book, “Stalking the Herd,” which examines the mystery of cattle mutilations.

Updated weekly, you can hear The Paracast on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-In and theparacast.com.

Steve Warner’s Dark Weekend

Steve Warner’s Dark Weekend is probably my most favorite podcast. Updated about once a week, Warner is a great interviewer who has some really interesting guests. Among the topics and guests of recent shows are Keith McCloskey, author of “Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident,” and Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills, who talked about their TV show, “Killer Legends.”

You can find Steve Warner’s Dark Weekend on Soundcloud and iTunes, and on darkweekend.com.