Zak Bagans Touches Real Annabelle Doll, People Freak Out


It’s been 13 years since Zak Bagans introduced us to his brand of paranormal investigating in the documentary “Ghost Adventures,” which eventually turned into a popular series on Travel Channel, and in the spirit of great television the beefy host once again did something for his Halloween special he wasn’t supposed to – no surprise there.

Bagans has been criticized for many things including fakery, exuberant histrionics, and in the paranormal community dangerously testing the unseen forces that be by constantly breaking the rules.

This was made excruciatingly clear in his latest stunt in which he found himself face to face with the real Annabelle doll, an item that is not to be touched without proper protections.

The real Annabelle – Xtrascoop

The original Raggedy Ann doll was later stylized in the film The Conjuring, and its namesake spinoffs, to look more menacing, but the original had been safely locked away behind glass in the Warren Occult Museum for many years.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are demonologists who spent decades investigating hauntings, including the Amityville Horror house in the 70’s. They safety keep cursed items in their basement. Or so we thought.

The real Annabelle, now owned by Tony Spera is supposedly a force not to be reckoned with, enough so in order to even see her there should be holy water around and only the most spiritually inoculated should touch her…. with gloves on.

But Zak doesn’t follow the rules and apparently suffers from spiritual ADD because, despite the warnings from Spera, he touched her anyway. Spera became angry and put her back in the box, even though Bagans said it wasn’t his fault. He also says he regrets doing it and has apologized to Lorraine and Tony.

Bagans claims, “Touching her I feel has lead to many strange events and I do believe was indeed a dangerous thing to do.”

Oddly, there are even skeptics in the paranormal community who think the entire thing was staged, the doll was not, in fact, Annabelle but a (ahem) dummy because the danger in bringing her around unprotected people would be would be too great.

Bagans still sticks by his claim though, saying the killer cloth doll drew him into her space

“I absorb and sense energies around me at a very high level,” Bagans said in a Facebook post after the incident. “Whether it’s from living people, residual energy, objects or from spirits. I’ve been like this my entire life. I am not a psychic medium. I am a sensitive.” He adds: “It’s a rush, it’s draining, it’s exhilarating, it’s terrifying all-in-one depending who or what I’m in contact with.”

Whether you believe in cursed objects or not, some paranormal professionals say Zak should just control himself period.

“As someone who is a sensitive and a medium, I believe it is possible that Bagans could also be gifted,” says Waylon Jordan of Paranormal Investigating, “but at this point in his career, if he’s going to keep doing what he is doing, he is going to have to learn to control those gifts and know when to put the walls up so that he doesn’t hurt himself or worse, others.”


  1. The doll with Zak isn’t Annabelle. Compare pictures. The clothes on the one in the Warren picture are completely different. Trying to fool people and putting such weak effort into it is insulting. Try harder next time, tough guy!

  2. He iis absolutly right. The first picture shows her in a white bib like overlay to the flowered dress. Where Annabelle has a white ruffled over lay that reached all the way to her neck.

  3. So I guess it’s all malarkey. Disappointing. I want to believe, I really do, but stuff like this doesn’t help.

  4. lol. It’s a doll. Just a doll. Nothing more. Not demonic. Not haunted. Nothing ghostly or paranormal about it. All that b.s is just that….b.s.

  5. You want to believe in the story of Annabel or in the paranormal in general? Not being snarky, valid question for me.

  6. The paranormal in general. I guess I should have been clearer. I’ve been trying to explain myself to you for several minutes, but it’s difficult. Backspacebackspacebackspace. Especially on the Internet, expecting to get pounced on and ripped up no matter what my answer is. Let’s just say it sucks that nothing is ever 100% proven real and authentic, yet so much is debunked and given “rational” explanations. And I really don’t like Zak’s approach to investigating.

  7. I believe in the paranormal, just not in some cases hense Annabelle. I do not belive however that all paranormal activity has evil or demonic back ground. People will laugh and tear me apart on this one but I don’t care. My family moved into the home we currently live in 171/2 years ago and right from the start my 18 month old daughter showed signes of interacting with things nobody could see. I to this day see a little boy which I have named Joey. My oldest daughter would see a old man up until she married and moved on. I have seen a dark haired lady go into my daughters room when she was a toddler. None of these spirits hurt anyone. The house does have a history but rather that has any thing to do with the activity I have no idea.

  8. Zak Bagans? XD this guy looks like that dwarf off of The Benchwarmers, paranormal investigator? yet there’s nothing scary about ghosts, cause they don’t exist, his occupation is a fantasy, oujia boards are pure bullshit, those audio recordings, those shit “reality” tv shows, all fake as fuck, just like that doll he touched.

  9. Completely understand. I attract spirits so I’ve had a lot of experiences, but I also closed off some abilities out of fear (accidentally) when I was 8. I don’t see them anymore. I always rule out any other explanation before I figure “ghost”. I’m probably the most believing skeptic in the world lol

    I will say one of the biggest things to happen in our family involved my mother, who I have been told, and I truly believe, still visits me and my sisters. She only goes to the kitchen. The day they found my daughter’s brain tumor, my eldest sister was in her kitchen. Right before she got the phone call she watched her oven turn on by itself. She had been sensing mom for 2 weeks and said “Mom, I know you’re trying to tell me something but I don’t know what.” Then she got the call my daughter had brain cancer.

    My biggest (yet small) incident when my daughter was little was watching a shampoo bottle tip back and forth. I tried to replicate it, but as far as it was tipping it should have fallen over. I even checked for earthquakes in my area lol I finally had to admit it may be paranormal and make my standard “No dead people allowed in the bathroom” speech. I don’t even like living people in the bathroom with me!

    Sometimes I think the best proof is experiencing and being able to rule everything else out. My daughter can still see spirits so she’s always believed and doesn’t need proof. But I have never understood people who believe that get upset when others don’t. Until something happened you can’t explain it is easy to dismiss. Like the day my bf said he didn’t believe, then he heard his heavy bookcase move 2 inches away from the wall that night when he was trying to sleep. We checked for earthquakes then too. :p And then he blamed me, saying it was one of “my ghosts” lol

  10. Awww, you gave him a name? That’s so sweet! Fact is a majority of hauntings aren’t violent. I used to get tons of walk throughs the last place I lived but didn’t have any resident ones. Had to get forceful from time to time with the ones that scared my daughter, but they would leave when I told them to. But the basic ones don’t get the ratings on tv so you don’t hear about them as much. But it’s always good to not dismiss the reports of the evil things. I wouldn’t screw with Annabelle or Robert the doll just to be on the safe side. I had a demon come through on a Ouija board once, which is how I learned not to mess with those things. And just like there are bad people, there are bad spirits. Most of us are lucky enough not to run into those thankfully. So glad your resident ones are benign.

  11. Some people believe a spirit is present becase they are attached to something in the home. I don’t believe this theory at all. My home was totally empty of all items. The house itself has a very scary past. In the mid 70’s there was a family living here. The parents were seperated and the father lived else where. One morning the oldest son came down to see why his mother was not out of bed he discovered she was gone. To make a very long story short, the father still had a key. He went in and kidnapped her. As where he cut her up is u known it could have been in the garage or a ranch he owned. A few wonths later the kid’s were out at the ranch and they found human bones in several fire pits. Their youngest was a little blond just like I have been seeing, he disappeared on the very same night. We have a lake in bake of the house I think that poor child is in that lake. Ok laugh at me all you wish but my story is true. I will give anyone the address If they want to check it out themselves.

  12. It can be an object or the house or even just the property. Or even a person. Oddly enough, there seems to be one attached to my ex’s family. His daughters had an imaginary friend named Sally, and Sally knows things she shouldn’t. Not bad things, just knowledge. Like she told his daughter from his 1st marriage that I was pregnant before I did. Years later, after her sister had stopped seeing Sally, my daughter started talking about her friend Sally.

    That’s horrible what happened on the property. It sounds like that poor kid is at least existing in a house with someone who cares, since you cared to give him a name. Little kid ghosts bother me the most because it makes me so sad for a little one to be trapped here. I wish he could find peace.

  13. Zac has never been my favorit he is a true show man which means exaggeration and I think this is just another publicity stunt, I believe in the supernatural and nothing natural about what he is doing just stupid.

  14. I love how Zak is now a sensitive. Even though he states he never believed in ghosts till he saw one. Their very first show, bragging how they will be locked in all night, they climbed out a window screaming into the night. Granted, I don’t think I’d spend the night in the Goldfield Hotel either. Another show the idiots climb into an old mine; great way to show kids how to end up dead.
    I have come to consider the original show as the Three Stooges meet a Ghost.

  15. Funny thing if you look at the Annabelle doll that they are showing in Zak’s museum it very different from the doll displayed in the Warren’s museum.The doll on the show tonight has no dots by the eyes untill the very last shot of the doll which was a picture of the “real” doll at the Warren’s house also the doll at Zak’s museum was much larger with different clothing. There’s no way they would travel or take that doll out of it’s case. All I have to say is WHY??


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