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Zak Bagans Reveals New Charles Manson Documentary ‘Manson’s Bloodline’

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Not even a week after Zak Bagans’ released his mockumentary Demon House, he‘s apparently announced his newest project. TMZ has published an article claiming Bagans informed the site’s staff of the new film.

His next project will revolve around Charles Manson – a documentary titled Manson’s Bloodline.

Bagans disclosed that his idea for the documentary came after he had an interview with Jason Freeman, Manson’s grandson, during the filming for an episode of Deadly Possessions. Freeman was a guest on the show, and he gifted Bagans a deadly possession from Charles Manson himself – a prison television.

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During the filming of the episode, Freeman explained his need to finally meet his Grandfather for the first time in his life. Ultimately, this goal led Bagans to befriending Freeman and becoming inspired to chronicle the endeavor of Freeman’s quest to meet Manson.

While this may serve as a “spoiler,” the two were never able to meet face to face, but the grandson was able to attend the open casket funeral and obtain footage.

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Supposedly, Bagans informed TMZ that there are discussions between some networks about taking up the documentary, but considering that the dispute on who now owns Manson’s estate is ongoing, there may still be more to film.

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