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Zak Bagans Buys Cursed Rocking Chair with a ‘Conjuring’ Connection for His Museum

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Paranormal provacateur, TV personality, and cursed artifact collector Zak Bagans has a brand new item for his museum in Las Vegas.

The rocking chair, known in paranormal circles as the “Devil’s Rocking Chair,” has quite a history including a connection to the Warrens and possibly The Conjuring 3.

According to reports, a boy named David Glatzel was 11 years old in the early 80s when he was thought to be possessed by a demon. During his exorcism in which the Warrens were involved, it was said the chair would move on its own and also that it would even disappear and reappear throughout the process.

David, himself, reported seeing the Devil sitting in the rocking chair at times.

When the exorcism was complete, it was thought that the demon fled David’s body only to take up residence inside Arne Cheyenne Johnson who later killed his landlord, claiming the demon forced him to do so.

According to TMZ, Bagans paid $67,000 for the rocking chair, purchasing it from David’s brother who claims that it has caused severe, sometimes chronic back pain for anyone who has attempted to sit in it since the exorcism. Apparently, this was only hours before Lorraine Warren passed away.

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