‘You’re Next’ Writer Simon Barrett Teams Up With Vicious Brothers On ‘Temple’

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Simon Barrett has become a true staple of the horror genre over the past decade or so. He’s best known as a frequent collaborator with Adam Wingard and the writer of You’re Next and The Guest, but his other film writing credits include Dead Birds, A Horrible Way to Die, and the forthcoming remake of I Saw the Devil (assuming it’s still happening) and The Woods (both also for Wingard).

Barrett has also appeared on-screen in You’re Next, A Horrible Way to Die, and as the creep in Contracted, not to mention roles in the first two V/H/S films and the first ABCs of Death, all of which he penned segments for.

Now, word is out that Barrett is teaming up with the Vicious Brothers of Extraterrestrial and Grave Encounters fame. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz, known as The Vicious Brothers, will direct horror-thriller Temple, based on a script by The Guest screenwriter Simon Barrett.

Neal Edelstein of Hooked Digital Media, Shinya Egawa of Hemisphere Motion Picture Partners, Eric Bassett of Absurda and Mike Macari are producing while Toei Animation in Japan is financing.

According to the report, the film will start shooting in Japan this year, and there will be a book tie-in, which will feature ghost stories involving temples in the country. The book, which will be featured in the film, but also made available to consumers, is written by Eiji Otsuka.

Based on Barrett’s previous work, I’d expect Temple to be a significant step up from Extraterrestrial.

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