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You’re Gonna Want to Play This Horribly-Hilarious New Card Game

by Timothy Rawles
Kevin Smith for OH the Horror card game.

The world is looking for its next great party game, and a handful of horror legends from the haunt industry are ready to unleash “OH, the HORROR!“: a card-based, adults-only game where anything can happen…and death is always right around the corner.

Nate Stevenson (formerly of Halloween Horror Nights) had the idea for a horror-based card game rolling around in his head for quite some time. Unfortunately, he never had the time to pursue it as his work schedule was too demanding, and “OH, the HORROR!” was looking to be nothing more than a back-of-the-mind passion project.

OH the Horror card game

In a crazy turn of events, Nate, Patrick Braillard (also formerly of Halloween Horror Nights), and Jacob McAlister were all dealt the COVID-19 Job Killer card. But that didn’t stop creative juices from flowing. Patrick had been actively involved in other haunted attractions, while Jacob was fresh out of designing artwork for Disney’s official Jungle Cruise Adventure Game. The pieces were falling into place.

Finally finding the time to explore the idea in depth, Nate quickly pitched the game to Patrick. Already well-weathered creative teammates, the two were kicking ideas back and forth within minutes.

OH the Horror card game

Jacob was the natural choice to illustrate for the team and was brought on board very soon after. As the team collaborated and created together, the project took on a life of its own and has grown into a horribly hilarious monster. 

Click HERE to find out how the game is played.

The game is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and the $15,000 deadline is approaching fast: Click HERE.

Kevin Smith gets a card?!

That’s right! Kevin Smith, the infamous creator of iconic movies like Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and the Jay and Silent Bob films have given the team at “OH, the HORROR!” official approval to design him into a “Victim Card”. Kickstarter backers will get this exclusive collectible card at product launch!

This article was taken from a press release from OhTheHorrorGame.com. 

Header photo: Kevin Smith for “OH the Horror “card game.

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