By: Jena Chisholm – American Horror Story Blogger

In the pilot episode for American Horror Story, you see the twins walking into the house ready to destroy it. Adelaide is standing outside and say’s to them, “You’re going to die in there.” Sure enough the twins do die, as well as practically everyone else that steps foot into this house. A few that don’t include: Marcy, Constance Langdon, and Larry Harvey.

Marcy is the realtor for the house. We learn in one episode that not only does Marcy’s life suck and she is paranoid, but she is sort of stuck with this house. Vivian says she’s tried practically every realtor in the city to sell their house, none would agree. So Marcy constantly has this house lying on her shoulders.

Constance Langdon was the Harmon’s neighbor. She was  the gatekeeper for the Harpers haunted house. She knew all about it way before they did; after all some of the ghosts were put there by her. Constance was a tortured soul. Her last living child dies on Halloween night, her lover dies in a later episode after cheating on her, and she is constantly reminded of her horrific past with all the memories being trapped in this house.

you're going to die in there American Horror Story

Larry Harvey was a man who killed his entire family. He didn’t physically do it, but his actions brought upon a suicide. His wife set herself and their two daughters on fire after finding out he was leaving them for the lady next door, Constance. After that fire, Tate dowses half of Larry’s body with gasoline, then throws a match on him. This left Larry with half his body scarred. Constance couldn’t stand to look at him and made that well known. So now Larry is stuck with a scarred face, no family, and no mistress. Karma’s a bitch, right?

So maybe these three didn’t physically die in this house, but it seems that the house took a chip off their soul. Marcy will die trying to sell this house again, Constance is forever stuck in a life with death surrounding it, and Larry Harvey will never find happiness again. Addie saying, “You’re going to die in there.” meant much more than just the twins death. Everyone dies in that house.