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Written by John Squires

There was a time when horror movies spawned trading cards, with films like Jason Goes to Hell, Army of Darkness, and Hellraiser being a few notable examples. And then there were the Fright Flicks cards of the 1980s, which were a real treat for monster lovers. Sadly, those days are over.

With Ash vs. Evil Dead premiering on Starz this Halloween night, one artist recently took it upon himself to pitch the network on trading cards based on Bruce Campbell’s triumphant return to the fan-favorite horror franchise. He says they never replied to his pitch, but you’re gonna love his idea.

Tim Canton, who runs the company Rotten Rentals, went so far as to Photoshop mock-up images of the concept, including designs for the retail boxes, the packages, and the cards themselves. He imagined 65 base cards in total, which would feature stills from Season 1 along with humorous quips.

Perhaps coolest of all, Canton’s idea was that the packages would be made to look like the Book of the Dead, and in addition to the base cards, he also proposed special autograph and wardrobe cards – the latter featuring pieces of Bruce Campbell’s outfit and even snippets of pages from the Necronomicon.

Check out the awesome pitch photos below, which are sure to leave you itching to rip the packages open and start collecting!