You May Also Like: ‘The Shattering’

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Greetings horror fans it’s time to review another suggested title that gets plunked in the scroll beneath that mainstream horror movie you just streamed in our weekly series called “You May Also Like.”

This week, a group of friends is headed into a desolate part of the wilderness to meet a “healer” who promises that he can cure a cancer growing inside one of them in a film called The Shattering (2015).

This movie was listed in the scroll beneath Unsane (why? shrug) as a suggestion, and as it is my weekly duty I watched it to relay if it’s worth your time.

It is, and it isn’t.

Directed by Jason Boritz, The Shattering spends a good chunk of the beginning setting up little mysteries that make you wonder if you missed something important. I had to scroll back once to make sure I didn’t miss a major plot point. I didn’t.

The film has an interesting premise and I appreciate that. Despite the well-worn “young adults trapped in a cabin in the woods” device, the overall concept keeps you guessing until all the silliness is finally revealed.

But the road is rocky because of uneven acting from the lead Chris Jarvis playing Blair. He stress yells his lines and over-plays the machismo like a bull on steroids.

Liam McMahon and Elizabeth Anweis flex their acting skills and are the standouts among the bunch.

If you look at the poster, you’ll notice a wolf which has a lot to do with the storyline, but is never seen. That’s a shame because I wanted to see it at least once.

Here’s what’s not-so-good

The plot is a kiosk of ideas all waiting to give you that awe factor, however that moment never comes visually and lessons the blow of a semi-interesting narrative.

There are really only two actors who save the film. And with a cast of about eight all with speaking lines that’s a bit distracting.

The alluded to beast never makes an on-camera appearance.

Here’ what is good

Writer Ward Parry has written an interesting script which only appeals to your curiosity as it goes along.

Dan Adlerstein’s cinematography is impressive.

Liam McMahon and Elizabeth Anweis are elevated above the rest of the cast in their acting abilities.

Does the film deserve its streaming star rating

Amazon Prime gives this movie an average of 2.5 stars based on 55 reviews, I wouldn’t go beyond or below that.

The Shattering is available to stream on Amazon Prime now.