Radical Talent

It’s been a while since we saw Jason Voorhees in a fresh sequel, so why not make one yourself? And one where he and Michael Myers battle it out? That’s even better!

That’s what the people over at Radical Talent did, and boy did it pay off.

With well over 2 million views, the 30-minute short titled simply Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges has gone viral, fans seem to be so thirsty for this type of showdown, they’ll even take a YouTube-made sequel.

To be fair this production feels far from cheap, with a great crossover soundtrack, cinema-style photography and plenty of action, the film gives true respect to not only the classic masked slashers but the fans as well.

Directed by Luke Pedder, MVJ was posted on April 5 with the logline:

“A short fan film we did with no budget. The two most iconic killers face off and battle to the death!”

The masks used are from different decades though. Keen-eyed viewers will recognize Michael’s from the recent Halloween movie (2018) while Jason’s is taken from his other battle royale: Freddy Vs. Jason back in 2003.

The filmmakers don’t take their subject matter lightly. In fact, they want to make more of these homages and ask viewers what they’d like to see next.

“Thanks for watching,” they caption under the video. “Big thanks to all the people that had fun with it and left really kind comments! Also, this film is for the fans that WANT to see these killers battle it out. If you’re against the idea of a movie like this ever being made, this isn’t for you. I made this because fans wanted to see it. For a movie like this to work sometimes you have to change up the characters a bit… otherwise it would be one sided. Lets work together as a horror community and write down some ideas for a sequel or another horror movie fight that you’d like to see!”

Radical Talent served up another iconic square-off last year; this time between Michael and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Sadly, fan films like these dredge the depths of an indie filmmaker’s pocket so since they have to eat they also have to ask for help.

“If you want to support us and help us to create more videos, please consider donating,” they write. “Even if it’s just $1 it will help us out tremendously! If not, then just watching our videos is enough and means a lot to us! My paypal: [email protected]

As little as a dollar?! Hey, if all 2,203,614 people who have watched the video gave at least that who knows what these guys would come up with next?

Watch below: