Just yesterday saw the release of the second trailer for Rings, Paramount’s belated sequel/soft reboot of the Ring franchise. Many fans cited it as a much better trailer than the first one, which drew a fairly meh reaction from most.

Surprisingly enough, today has seen yet another trailer for Rings hit the net, featuring a whole bunch of new footage not included in either prior trailer for the film. Notably, Rings trailer #3 also provides us with our first look at Vincent D’Onofrio’s character, who seems like he’s there as to serve as Mr. Exposition for the protagonist, much in the same way that D’Onofrio’s professor character did for Ethan Hawke in 2012’s Sinister. Check out the full trailer below.

In many ways, the above could be considered the best trailer for Rings yet, showcasing several quite creepy looking sequences that the first two did not. Rings trailer 3 also presents a clearer picture of what the plot of the sequel is actually about, as opposed to the vagueness of its predecessors.

One character who’s still barely been shown at all in any of Rings’ promotional material is Gabriel, played by The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki. He showed up for a split second in trailer #2, but is completely absent from 3. It seems odd that Paramount would go to the trouble to cast a popular TV star, then downplay their participation.

With many Ring fans still attempting to wash the bad taste left by 2005’s The Ring Two out of their mouths, here’s hoping Rings manages to return the franchise to prominence, despite the numerous delays and production hiccups that the project has suffered along the way. Samara is too cool a villain to be wasted on sub-par material.