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Writer Reveals HUGE Blair Witch Twist; What Did You REALLY See?

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Written by John Squires

Spoilers below. You have been warned.

Though it would be fair to call this year’s Blair Witch as much of a remake as it is a sequel, there was one major thing that happened in the film that most definitely didn’t happen back in 1999. The titular villain, who was NEVER seen in the original film, was briefly glimpsed a couple of times in Adam Wingard’s franchise reboot, which some fans appreciated and other fans absolutely hated. After all, what’s unseen is usually scarier than what’s seen, and I think that’s definitely the case in this situation.

But did we really see the Blair Witch? Perhaps we didn’t…

As we spotted over on Bloody Disgusting, Blair Witch writer Simon Barrett recently had a highly interesting Twitter exchange with a fan, and during the back-and-forth conversation he dropped a pretty epic bombshell. As it turns out, the long-limbed creature we saw in the new film WAS NOT the Blair Witch… and we may soon find out who it actually was.

You don’t see the witch onscreen, that’s someone else!Barrett tweeted. “Our DVD commentary will explain a lot, but hopefully without ruining anything, as we want to leave some elements mysterious.”

Well then. Guess we’ll be buying that DVD!

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