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Back in October 2016, we introduced horror fans to Alex J. Mann writer and director of the emoji slasher film, WINK. The story followed a girl alone on Halloween night, standing by to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. Eventually, she is stalked by Emoji’s and fights to survive the night!

In 2017, Alex J. Mann is at it again with a choose your own adventure-thriller about a smart thermostat that tries to sabotage a young couple’s relationship. The viewer makes the choices for the thermostat that lead to one of three endings, titled merely COOL.

Now in 2018, Alex J. Mann has done it again with his newest short, Retina (laptop camera horror film). With the tagline, “You’re Being Watched,” Retina delivers eye-popping terror, and I am sure once you check out this short, you’ll never look at a laptop the same again. Tech has embedded itself more than ever in our culture, so these shorts hit close to home, and Alex does a fantastic job of bringing everything together.

Alex will be releasing one new tech horror short film a month so be sure to check back with us for more details on that. With that being said, kick off your boots, prop your feet up and check out Retina.