Would You Wear This Ed Gein-Inspired Human Flesh Shoe?

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We’ve talked in the past here on iHorror about Ed Gein, a notorious serial killer who inspired films like Psycho and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Gein was known for fashioning household items and even clothing out of human flesh, a devious act that served as the basis for Leatherface’s skin mask.

As reported by Death and Taxes, one artist has taken it upon himself to make an Ed Gein-inspired Nike sneaker of his own, and the result of his experiment, as you might expect, is absolutely revolting. He calls his creation the “Animatronic Flesh Shoe,” and it looks like something out of Videodrome.

meat shoe

Adam Brandejs is the man behind the meat shoe, and he used latex rubber as a substitute for real human flesh – because, ya know, stealing flesh off a human body is kind of illegal and horrible. He did, however, include real human hair in the design, plucked off the head of his willing roommate.

meat shoe

As if the shoe wasn’t already gross enough, Brandejs brought it to life using animatronics, allowing for the fleshy sneaker to squirm and writhe around on its own. The only thing more nightmarish than a human flesh shoe is a human flesh shoe with a mind of its own, so be forewarned…

What you’re about to see is really, really, really disturbing. Enjoy!

[youtube id=”lDl83xhqaqM”]

In our modern world of fast and easy consumption, we rarely pay any thought to where products actually come from and how they were produced,” said Brandejs, explaining the statement he was trying to make with the terrifying shoe. “Many times we assume mass produced items were simply built by a series of machines. Unfortunately the reality is that we usually exploit other humans to produce goods as cheaply as possible. We place our well-being over that of others, sometimes for trivial objects.”

Thus, the meat shoe was born.