Would You Rather 2012 – Don’t judge a book by its cover…WRONG

Actually, that is exactly what you can do. This movie is filled with ways of making the audience wince with anticipation and although there is no great deal of gore, your mind fills in the blanks with its clever camera work and surprisingly great acting.

Plot: A young woman returns home to look after her terminally ill brother after a tragic accident leaves them orphans. Barley ready for adulthood and desperate to provide for her kin she agrees to take part in a competition that the winner of will get full treatment for any ailment and lifelong living expenses. Sound too good to be true? The completion involves a gaggle of the less fortunate hoping that they have found the answers to all their problems, but just how far will they be willing to go?

I sat down to watch this movie having not heard anything about it other than it having the always entertaining Jeffrey Combs (The Frighteners 1996 and Re-Animator 1985) and the first fifteen minutes were slow paced. Having no horror or interesting first scene to give the viewer an idea of what to expect the movie really starts when the contestants gather in the waiting room of the Lambrick mansion, where you see a few more recognisable faces. John Heard, Eddie Steeples and Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey…Why do I know that name? Oh yes, Adult movie star to mainstream Sasha has appeared in over 200 adult films.


Anyway…Depending on what movies you watch you may notice a few more but all of them do a good job when they are faced with their horrifying tasks.

Surprisingly  I didn’t feel Combs stole the show and it was in fact a lesser known Enver Gjokaj who acted his scenes with accuracy and convincing distress, resulting in his highly believable character capturing the response of a normally person in a extremely traumatic situation. Thumbs up to Gjokaj!


I think this movie is definitely one to watch but not all would agree, you have to be a person that appreciates when an actor can bring an element of realism that makes you imagine how you would respond when finding yourself in that situation. However there is definitely a distinct moral to this storey, sometimes it is better to just listen to someone, rather than find them a solution.

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