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‘Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror’ To Be Adapted for Film

by Kelly McNeely

Even with the best intentions and most meticulous planning in place, we can all be subject to the possibility of a vacation gone horribly awry. Missed planes, lost luggage, dreadful weather, there’s always a small chance that things could go wrong. In Worst Laid Plans — a collection of horror short stories — things can get so, so much worse. 

Released by Grindhouse Press and edited by Samantha Kolesnik, Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror tells five short tales of travel terror, dreamt up by five different writers (including one story by iHorror’s very own Waylon Jordan!). Now, thanks to GenreBlast Films — the new production company by GenreBlast Film Festival’s director, Nathan Ludwig — the book will see a feature film horror anthology adaptation.

Worst Laid Plans will bring five up-and-coming horror directors to adapt each of the short stories into one terrifying vision. The project has just released a crowdfunding campaign to help find its way from page to screen. So horror anthology enthusiasts, it’s your time to shine. If you’d like to check out the campaign, you can find them on Indiegogo, at the link I have so conveniently provided.   

Some excellent genre films have been made possible by crowdfunding support, such as Kung Fury, The Babadook, Absentia, Blue Ruin, and Starry Eyes. It’s a great way for filmmakers to get that boost they need to make magic happen. 

The Anthology Segments: 

Deep in the Heart: A Texas family tours an underground cave system, which is home to an evil that time forgot.
Directed by John Hale and Written by Waylon Jordan 

You’ve Been Saved: Two friends on a road trip encounter a mysterious traveler who may be in distress, but who also might just be playing a dangerous prank.
Directed by Samantha Kolesnik and Written by S. E. Howard

Unkindly Girls: A lonesome teenager on a seaside vacation befriends another outcast whom she must protect from her homicidal father.
Directed by Michael Escobedo and Written by Hailey Piper

Caught a Glimpse: A middle-aged man, longing for some peace and quiet, discovers a seductive new neighbor and the price of voyeurism.
Directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright & Written by Patrick Lacey

Taylor Family Vacation ’93: Family man Dan Taylor suspects a stalker is messing with his vacation in a way only he’d notice – on tape.
Directed by Jeremy Herbert, Written by Jeremy Herbert & Wolf Stahl

You can check out the trailer for the project below, and if you’d like to read the book that started it all, you can find Worst Laid Plans on Amazon. If you’d like to follow the project, you can find them on twitter @wlphorror and Instagram @worstlaidplansmovie


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