2013’s World War Z was quite a polarizing zombie movie, with many horror fans feeling that it was a hunk of undead junk. Others, like myself, had a lot of fun with it, appreciating the fast pace and respectable entertainment factor. Now, a sequel is on its way, though it’s likely that Brad Pitt will be nowhere in sight.

In an interview with Indie Wire, writer Steve Knight spoke briefly about the upcoming World War Z 2, which he is currently writing the treatment for. He revealed that they’re starting from scratch with the sequel, and the plan is to go in an entirely different direction with the film.

I thought, ‘why not? What fun.’ It’s not quite like the other, we’re starting with a clean slate,” said Knight. “When [the studios have] signed off, we’re on.”

Unfortunately, the interview doesn’t delve any further that that, so it’s hard to say exactly what Knight means. Though by the sound of things, World War Z 2 will likely center on completely different characters than the first film, and have little to no direct connection to it.

The sequel is set to shoot in October of this year, with a planned 2016 release date. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.