Despite its notoriously tumultuous production, the Brad Pitt fronted zombie film World War Z still went on to make boatloads of money back in 2013. In fact, World War Z easily stands as the highest grossing movie in the history of the entire zombie genre. You’d think a sequel would have been instantly approved by Paramount, but it in fact took until earlier this year for an announcement to finally be made.

world_war_z_2 brad pitt

Expanding on their confirmation of World War Z 2’s existence back in January, Paramount has now made official when the sequel will hit theaters: June 9th, 2017. While that might seem like a really long time away, it’s really not too surprising for what is sure to be another huge budget blockbuster. Interestingly, FOX has already set that date for its sequel to the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four, creating a potentially interesting showdown.

Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight will be penning the script for WWZ2, while The Orphanage director Juan Antonio Bayona will helm the project. If you think the title World War Z 2 sounds odd and clunky, fear not, as Paramount has yet to confirm an official moniker for the final film. Hopefully it’ll end up rolling off the tongue a bit easier. One wonders whether this new production will end up as infamously troubled as its predecessor’s.