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David Fincher’s ‘World War Z 2’ Set to Begin Production in June 2019

by Tony Runco

Despite multiple setbacks over the last couple of years, it appears that the wheels are in motion on the production of World War Z 2. The film will find David Fincher and Brad Pitt working together once again, and producers say the sequel to the 2013 zombie success will begin filming in June of 2019.

While fans were optimistic about filming beginning in 2018, David Fincher confirmed that he would instead place his focus on a new season of the Netflix series Mindhunter. Brad Pitt has also been tied up over the last year filming of Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Image via Paramount Pictures

J.A. Bayona had originally signed on to direct the sequel only a few months after World War Z released in theaters, but he later left the production to go forward with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. With one delay after the next, it seemed as if the highly anticipated World War Z 2 might never happen.

However, Variety recently caught up with producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner at the premier of Beautiful Boy, who confirmed that not only will production begin in June of 2019, but that David Fincher is still set to helm the director’s seat with Brad Pitt reprising his role of Gerry Lane.

Looking at the schedules of both Fincher and Pitt, it would appear as though that date would coincide with the two of them finishing up their previous commitments. While the script has yet to be finalized and the plot is still somewhat unknown, we certainly hope that the June 2019 date actually holds up.

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