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‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ Reportedly Coming Straight to Streaming

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Warner Bros. is currently in talks to release Wonder Woman 1984 direct to VOD platforms. This would place Wonder Woman in the same boat as what we have seen recently from The Invisible Man and The Hunt. The primary difference being that those films were already technically in theaters.

TheWrap reports that Warner Pictures Group Chairman, Toby Emmerich is in preliminary talks with his top brass on the subject. It could be true considering all things but there also seems to be some miscommunication in the channel. However, Warner President of Domestic Distribution Jeff Goldstein has said that there have not been any such talks.

In addition Charles Roven and Patty Jenkins have not been part of those talks. Roven told The Wrap “It’s ludicrous if you consider how big a movie this is.” on the subject of Wonder Woman going to streaming.

Is it even an option at this point? Theater chains could be shut down for the next 12 weeks. Where does that put Wonder Woman: 1984 on the release slate at that point? Plus, without a press tour this release would be entirely different.

Wonder Woman 1984 would be the first tentpole film to fall into this new world of distribution category. The above mentioned films that have turned up on VOD come with at $19.99 price tag for a rental. No word on if Wonder Woman would fall into that same price range just yet.

Personally, I’m not a fan of watching big films like this on any TV, no matter the size of the screen. These are films that I’ll attempt to wait out. Luckily, I saw Invisible Man and The Hunt at the cinema before they shut down.

As of right now Wonder Woman 1984’s theatrical release is still slated for June 4.

What do you guys think? Do you think Wonder Woman should wait till theaters can play it or, do you think this is a good option? Will you watch at home?

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