The place of women being at the helm of horror movies began with the king of horror, Alfred Hitchcock. His love of blonde’s and getting into people’s heads was what got horror going and what got women to be the leading role. But the women in horror movies were technically ones that just screamed and looked horrified. It wasn’t until the seventies that women started to get a more developed role in horror movies.


The development of the female role began in John Carpenter’s Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis played the ‘girl scout’ Laurie Strode. By girl scout, I mean that she was very resourceful and had creative ways in order to save herself and the two children that she was watching that night. Women were no longer these innocent little things that screamed and needed help. They were suddenly people that could fight back against the evil and they stood up strong against them. After Laurie, it became quite normal for the women in horror movies to make it to the end.

Of course there is the stereotypical fact that the women are usually pure, but that rarely has much to do in the actual aspect of the horror movie itself. The thing that makes a horror movie good, is the fact that these women are resourceful. Hell, even women are becoming the bad guys in movies, just take Scream 4.