We kick off Women In Horror Month with the introduction of a new vixen in town, Malvolia: The Queen of Screams! Malvolia is just dying to meet you, and she is set to invade YouTube this month! This Queen of the night will be reviewing and showing dark thrillers, dark comedy, and of course horror. These reviews will consist of short films by up and coming directors from around the country. Malvolia portrayed by Jennifer Nangle very much wanted an alternative way to showcase work other than the traditional film festival, which at times can break the bank so to speak.

“Anyone can post a short film online, but I thought, ‘What if there was another group of people posting that link and helping spread the word?’ I knew I wanted to have a strong female presence within this idea. Someone alluring, enticing, but can also have some fun.”

Nangle is no stranger to the indie community and has a personal understanding of how important reach is within the indie community and finding an audience can be just as difficult as finding the proper budget.

“There are so many hidden gems that don’t usually see the light of day other than film festivals, or, if lucky enough, are rewritten into feature films. Sometimes neither of those circumstances happen for filmmakers. We need a place for short films to thrive!”

Check out Malvolia’s trailer below along with our interview on Page 2, and remember to stay spooky my little ghouls!