Woman, Pronounced Dead, Wakes Up In Funeral Home. Oops.

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There’s nothing more horrifying than the thought of being pronounced dead when you actually aren’t, and the fear of being buried alive is – needless to say – one that is almost universally inherent to all human beings. But does this ever actually happen? Do doctors ever really mess up that badly? Sadly, yes.

As reported by The New York Post, a doctor in Germany declared a seriously ill 92-year-old woman dead back in March, slapping a tag on her toe and shipping her body off to the local funeral home. But the woman was very much alive at the time, and she woke up screaming in the parlor’s refrigeration unit.


This week, prosecutors in Germany charged the 52-year-old doctor with negligent body harm for the grave mistake, and he faces anything from a fine to prison time. He pronounced the woman dead after a caregiver at a retirement home found her lying in bed without a pulse and apparently not breathing.

The woman died two days later from heart disease, which was unrelated to her horrifying ordeal.

Earlier this year, a Milwaukee man similarly woke up on the way to a funeral home. Read all about it!