Woman Pranks Delivery Guys with Ghostly Setup

D.D. CrowleyRandom Fun1 Comment

Playing pranks on poor unsuspecting victims is a tale as old as time. The more technology improves, the easier it is to fool more and more people. Such is what happened to these poor, unfortunate food deliverers who just had this house on their route and got some flirtation from a pretty girl. They became victim to some (hilariously) scary pranks.

While the tricks are pretty simple, they are effective. If I was in their shoes, the moment some lady said, “Come in” and left is the moment I’d tell her that I’ll be waiting outside. But alas, the feminine wiles put them at ease and that’s when the pranksters struck. That digital portrait even got me the first time and I KNEW it was coming (RIP headphone users).

It’s pretty enjoyable. That second guy just tickled me. Personally, when it comes to things like this I’m a chicken. I bust out my horror movie scream queen lungs if someone stands at the bathroom door when I open it.

What do you think of these pranks? Let us know in the comments. Want more? Check out what this Brazilian hidden camera show did to these people.

(Featured image courtesy of Youtube)