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Woman Finds Weird Symbol On Trash Can; Its Meaning Is Chilling

by Timothy Rawles

A woman who was taking out her garbage discovered a weird symbol drawn on the lid of her trash bin. She recorded the experience on Tik Tok because she wasn’t sure what it meant, but she soon found out and it’s terrifying.

According to The Mirror, Tik Tok user bby.Jade__ (Jade) was walking through the snow one morning with a bag of garbage in hand. She approached her bin and found the word “1F” drawn into the loose snow on top. Curious Jade began to film her experience, asking fellow Tik Tokers what the symbol meant.

Several people apparently knew how to decipher the ominous message and it indicated nothing good.


What does this mean? @dutchintheusa

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“It means one female,” someone wrote in response. “They are telling the people who are supposed to rob you or whatever, that you live alone.”

Apparently, Jade has been being watched by someone who knows she lives alone and put a placeholder on her property so as not to forget the living situation details when they return.

“Here in Ontario Canada it means single female,” another viewer wrote. “It could be used for many different reasons but NONE of the reasons are something good.”

Jade said she called the police once she realized what the icy engraving’s intent but they told her there was really nothing they could do and advised her to stay somewhere else for a while. She heeded that warning and went to her mother’s house.

In an update, Jade says she is doing fine and won’t be returning to her house alone.

Source: The Mirror

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