Woman Accidentally ‘Embalmed Alive’ During Surgery

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A Russian woman died after hospital staff accidentally injected her with embalming fluid instead of saline solution this past March.

The tragedy befell Ekaterina Fedyaeva, 28, who was in the hospital about 500 miles outside of Moscow to have some ovarian cysts removed according to Russian news station RT as reported by The Washington Post.

The patient was at the hospital on March 15 and during the operation medical staff injected her with formalin which also contains formaldehyde Tass News Agency reported.

Formalin is extremely toxic especially if used internally.

The staff quickly realized what they had done about two minutes later and tried to flush the toxins from her body, but the embalming fluid had already started making its way throughout her system.

Fedyaeva was rushed to A.I. Burnazyan Federal Medical and Biophysical Center in Moscow where doctors tried to save her life but were unsuccessful.

Doctors at some point were able to bring her back to consciousness and she was able to whisper to her mother one last time. But sadly Fedyaeva’s organs began to fail and she died.

The story hit international headlines about the woman who died after being “embalmed alive.”

The minister of health, family, and social well-being in Ulyanovsk, Rashid Abdullov, offered “sincere condolences” to Fedyaeva’s family.

According to Abdullov the wrong fluid was used because the medical staff “did not read the name on the vial.”

“We will provide all the necessary assistance to the family. All the guilty officials have already been held accountable, the investigating authorities continue to work,” Abdullov tweeted Thursday.

The head physician at the hospital where Fedyaeva was injected with the formalin has been fired.

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