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There’s a saying that everything in Australia is trying to kill you. But aside from all the venomous creepy crawlies, there’s another notably large – albeit fictional – predator that stalks the Outback. Wolf Creek‘s charismatic killer Mick Taylor – a rugged hunter who sets his cross-hairs on tourists – was first introduced in 2005 by Greg McLean and he’s still going strong.

Greg McLean’s film spawned a sequel (with rumors of a third film in the works) and a TV series, which just released a trailer for its second season. Mick Taylor – played with iconic perfection by John Jarratt – will return, but the anthology show will see a new cast of secondary characters for season two.

The first season of the 6-episode series followed an American college student, Eve (Lucy Fry, 11.23.63) on a quest for revenge after Mick slaughters her family.

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The second season delivers a busload of fresh meat for Mick to track and kill, all thanks to a chance encounter with a coach full of tourists from around the globe. Tensions are running high and we can bet the blood will flow freely.

Wolf Creek season two begins December 15 on Stan. Check out the trailer and poster below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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