THE WITCH director Robert Eggers to Direct/Write NOSFERATU Remake

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The Witch became the surprise horror hit of 2016, coming strong in the early part of the year. The low-budget period piece of colonial era madness becoming critically acclaimed. Off that success, director/writer Robert Eggers has an even bigger and classical tale of terror in mind for his next movie. The silent film era, German expressionism vampire film by F.W. Murnau, Nosferatu. While the automatic reaction to remake news is often cynical we have plenty more on the way, and Eggers has the passion to ease fears.


Eggers has confirmed in an interview with IndieWire’s Filmmaker Toolkit podcast that it will be his next project, and he has nothing but adoration for the original. Speaking with the podcast, he brought up his horror roots and how they connect to his upcoming project. Watching the classics, from Universal and Hammer Studios. But the image of Orlok’s legendary vampiric visage is what stuck with the young filmmaker the most. “I saw a picture of Max Schrek as Count Orlok in my elementary school and I lost my mind.” Eggers noted. Even going so far as to direct a play version for the stage during high school.

With The Witch held in high regard for its historical accuracy and attention to detail, it should come as no surprise that Eggers is giving that same amount of precision to the Nosferatu remake. While his version will try to be as aesthetically adapted as possible to the original, he also noted there would be some key differences. His vampire sounds like it’ll be removed from Max Schrek and have origins in folklore. Still in the midst of development, keep an eye out for updates on the remake of the horror classic!


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