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Winter Soldier Writer Scripting Nicolas Winding Refn’s Maniac Cop Remake

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Remember that Nicolas Winding Refn Maniac Cop remake that was supposedly dead? Well, according to a recent update today from Screen Daily, it’s alive and well. Not only is the original Maniac Cop director William Lustig producing, but Screen Daily went on to report that the script is written by none other than Ed Brubaker and for those of who don’t know who he is, he’s the guy that wrote the Captain America: Winter Soldier storyline for Marvel Comics!

Nicolas Winding Refn directed the stylistic 80’s love letter Drive, so there is much anticipation and curiosity to see what he does with a Maniac Cop movie. One can assume that sexy fluorescent colored lighting and a catchy 80’s synth vibe soundtrack with lots of violence. Now that’s quite an interesting combination and quite frankly, I have much confidence in it. I’m extremely curious to see how this turns out. We are sure to get an edgy, violent, yet beautiful looking remake.

The original 1988 Maniac Cop was directed by William Lustig and starred Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell and Robert Z’dar. If you remember, Maniac Cop was about:

Innocent people are being brutally murdered on the streets of New York City by a uniformed police officer. As the death toll rises and City Hall attempts a cover-up, Frank McCrae heads the investigation. A young cop, Jack Forrest, finds himself under arrest as the chief suspect, having been the victim of a set-up by the real killer and a mysterious woman phone-caller. Forrest, his girlfriend Theresa, and McCrae set out to solve the puzzle before the Maniac Cop can strike again.

Looking forward to watching this come together.


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