Williamson is Back For Horror Features In New Miramax Deal

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Before modern horror filmmakers James Wan, Eli Roth and even before Jason Blum there was Kevin Williamson. You may have heard of his movie Scream, released in 1996. He has since gone on to produce an MTV series based on that concept, but Williamson is now poised to make a return to the big screen in a deal made through Miramax which is now run by Bill Block.

Miramax at one time had the genre by the reigns with their black label Dimension Films. Dimension released niche movies back in the day such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, 1408, and Halloween: H20.

Deadline says the return of Williamson to his roots will bring with it a “reinvigorated genre slate” and “elevated genre film content.” We aren’t sure what that means yet, but if Williamson is behind it we can expect plenty of gloss and gore.

Block is ecstatic over the news Williamson will be making horror movies for him.

“We are delighted for Kevin and his creative forces to return to his film making roots with our company,” Block said. “Kevin’s diverse talents are the perfect fit for Miramax who is looking to support talent across all platforms.”

After working in television for the past few years, Williamson says, “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Bill Block and to be back in the feature space working with new filmmakers in the genre I love so much.”

The last writing project Williamson did for the big screen was Scream 4, and before that the under-appreciated, yet flawed werewolf movie Cursed.

He has since concentrated on television with The Vampire Diaries, Time After Time and upcoming Tell Me a Story.

Let’s hope Scream 5 gets worked into the Miramax deal somewhere.

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