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William Friedkin Doesn’t Think an ‘Exorcist’ Remake Can Happen

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A couple days ago, horror fans everywhere were saddened to learn that struggling film company Morgan Creek was heavily considering a remake of classic demon possession movie The Exorcist. While we’ve gotten progressively more and more used to the idea of everything eventually getting a remake, The Exorcist still strikes many as a film just too perfect to attempt again.

Well, there may be reason for those among us who hate the idea of an Exorcist remake to celebrate. Since the news broke, original director William Friedkin has taken to Twitter to point out that as far as he knows, Morgan Creek only owns the rights to the Exorcist sequels and not his brilliant first film. The tweet in question is embedded below.

exorcist gipgy

This theory would seem to make sense, as Morgan Creek was only involved in the production of the sequels, and not of the first Exorcist film. Nobody at either Morgan Creek or Exorcist distributor Warner Bros. has seen fit to confirm or deny Friedkin’s assertion as of yet, but if true, it would mean that Morgan Creek would only be able to create another (likely awful) Exorcist sequel and not a straight-up remake of the original.

On behalf of horror fans everywhere, here’s hoping William Friedkin is correct.

"The Exorcist" probably not the best first choice

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