Wilford Brimley ‘The Thing’ and ‘Cocoon’ Actor Dies at 85

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Wilford Brimley died Saturday in St. George, Utah during his hospitalization. The 85 year-old actor’s manager said that Brimley was in the ICU receiving treatment for dialysis when he passed.

The larger-than-life actor had memorable roles in The Thing, Cocoon, The Natural as well as whole list of additional credits.

“Wilford Brimley was a wonderful man and actor. I had the great pleasure of working with him. He always made me laugh.” actress Barbara Hershey tweeted.

Actor Seth Green also tweeted, “RIP Wilford Brimley What an absolute legend. I was lucky enough to make my first movie with him. I was only 8, but he treated me like a peer, and gave me confidence as an actor. Forever grateful for his kindness & generosity.”

Horror and sci-fi fans will mostly remember Brimley as the troublesome Dr. Blair from John Carpenter’s The Thing and from Steven Spielberg’s Cocoon. Both films, showed the vast range that Brimley was capable of performing. In addition, Brimley was the face of Quaker Oats and was a staple for broadcasts during the 80’s.

Brimley, also gained notoriety and re-stoked fame due to meme culture. His mustache itself took on an online persona of its own.

Brimley is survived by his three sons and wife.

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