Wildling Hits VOD in April

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According to UpcomingHorrorMovies.com  German director Fritz Bohm’s directorial debut, Wildling, is set to hit VOD on April 13th. The film, being distributed in the US by IFC Midnight revolves around a young girl that has lived in a single room for her whole life. She has been cared for by a man simply known as Daddy. For her entire life he has told her a story of the “wildling”, a toothed beast that roams the outside world eating children. At 16, the girl is freed by a local sheriff and gets her first taste of freedom. Just as she begins to enjoy said freedom, a strange and frightening sequence of events begins to unfold.

Until now Bohm has primarily been behind the scenes as a producer, a writer and a production manager. His previous directing efforts include two shorts, Moon Man, a comedy/drama, about a man in the moon and Ein Brudermord , a thriller. He co-wrote the film with Florian Eder. This is Eder’s first writing credit. Eder’s previous work has been largely in the art department. The two have worked together before on Moon Man where Eder was the storyboard/conceptual artist.

The film stars Liv Tyler (The Strangers) as the small town sheriff that takes the girl in. Brad Dourif of Chucky fame will play “Daddy”. James Le Gros (Zodiac, Bitter Feast) will star as “The Wolf Man”, a mysterious shaman living in the woods. London-born actress Bel Powley, virtually unknown in the US, plays Anna, the 16 year old girl set to possibly face down the beast. This seems to be her first foray into the horror genre. The film is said to be an update to the werewolf mythology. Said to be the “Let the Right One In’ of werewolf films.

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