With all the recent news and hub-bub about the upcoming remake of one of Stephen King’s greatest achievements, IT, I wanted to take a look back at the 1990 mini series and one of the most infamous gangs in horror history. While, both the novel and the movie alike were both terrifying indeed, I for one have always marveled at the incredible bond that was formed between the “Lucky Seven” in the face of horror and tragedy. Not only did they have the pleasure of dealing with the phenomenon of Pennywise, but also the adults of Derry itself. Whether, it was Bev’s alcoholic abusive father,  Eddie’s over-protective stick in the ass mother, or that beast Henry Bowers; The “Loser’s Club” were anything but that. The stunning young actors that portrayed the children of Derry, Maine were given an extremely daunting task of getting it right. I feel like they did nothing short of a superb job of said statement. I can only hope the next Lucky Seven will do just as well. Where are they now you ask? Well, let’s take a look!


Jonathan Brandis (Bill Denbrough)




Brandis went on to star in such films as Ladybugs, Sidekicks and the infamous series Seaquest. He also produced and directed the short film ” The Slainville Boys” in 2002. After the cancellation of Seaquest, Jonathan’s career went a bit stale which may or may not have led to his tragic suicide in 2003. He hung himself in his apartment and died due to his injuries. He was only 27. RIP Jonathan.



Brandon Crane (Ben Hanscomb)



Brandon resides now in Clovis, California with his wife and children where he is a part of the local filmmaking community. Crane is currently tossing around ideas for a TV series that are unknown at this time and has recently taken up singing and has been working on a Jazz album. Really, his only significant role after IT was a recurring guest starring role on “The Wonder Years” as the character of Doug Porter.



Adam Faraizl (Eddie Kaspbrak)




In the same year of the IT miniseries, Adam also appeared in Robocop 2 as one of the little leaguers.  Apart from that and a role in “Where The Red Fern Grows 2“, Faraizl has pretty much stayed out of the limelight. Adam graduated with a degree in Pacific & Asian Studies from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Today, he is the beverage director for the Kenichi restaurant in Austin, Texas and is a renowned specialist and enthusiast in Sake.



Seth Green (Richie Tozier)





Well unless you’ve been living under a rock, I think we can all agree that Seth has made a very successful career for himself up to this point. Between a string of hit movies under his belt, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, voicing Chris on Family Guy, and his Robot Chicken endeavor; I’d say little Richie is doing alright.





Ben Heller (Stanley Uris)




Seems to be IT was Heller’s only acting job. It could be Tim Curry dressed up as painted nightmare from Hell just traumatized Stanley boy out of acting for good. Who knows. The only word on Heller i was able to dig up is that he is in the sales field. So if you’re out there Ben and reading this, let us know what you are up to!



Emily Perkins (Beverly Marsh)





IT wasn’t the only horror movie Perkins had her hand in. She also played Brigitte, the main protagonist in the Ginger Snaps movies and more recently had a role in last year’s Horror/ Sci-Fi Extraterrestrial. You also may have seen her in a few episodes of Supernatural from 2009 to 2011, as Winchester superfan Becky Rosen. Did you also catch her cameo in Juno? It is readily apparent that Miss Perkins is staying busy these days.





Marlon Tayler (Mike Hanlon)




Taylor had a few appearances on a few TV shows such as Sister, Sister and Where I Live. More recently however, his latest acting role was as Razor Ric in the hip-hop drama Know Thy Enemy. Today, Marlon hosts a Miami radio show called Miyayo under the pseudonym Messiah The Suppliyah. 


So there you have it. A reunion of these united in horror history souls would be ideal if not for the tragic death of Jonathan Brandis. Although, I would still love to see them together again. One can wish, yes?