I recently re-watched the 2003 ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ – aka the one with Jessica Biel in it – and was reminded of how great that addition to the franchise was.

One of the most epic scenes in that movie is when the group picks up a young girl on the side of the road – she pulls out a hidden gun – and shoots herself in front of them all.

The way the camera pulls back from the looks of terror of the passengers faces, through the newly formed head wound, and out the back of the vehicle’s window is down right legendary!

Here is that specific scene from the movie in case you haven’t seen it.  Warning – the clip is graphic – but hey… this is a Horror site!

So which film from the franchise sticks out in your mind as great Horror storytelling? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I am a fan of the entire franchise, although I have yet to see the newest addition. I would say that the 3rd installment, Leatherface is the most underrated of all of the films.

  2. I Love Texas Chainsaw 3D I love every Texas Chainsaw Movies I can’t wait til Texas Chainsaw 4 comes out Next Year.

  3. Awesome remake!!! I love the original, however that scene you referred to where she blows her head off is EPIC. Haven’t seen something that good in a long time.

  4. The entire franchise has been great from the original 1974 classic by Tobe Hooper to Texas Chainsaw 3d which was a great sequel to the film. The only one that did not fit the franchise was Texas Chainsaw Massacre the next generation with Matthew Mcanhaugh (I can’t spell his last name) and Renee Zellweger, it just didn’t fit the franchise and the storyline seemed a little out there.

  5. I love all of the Franchise movies but the one I think really stood out to me was the original . It’s a classic . But I must say I am a big fan of the new One they did , it’s not like a remake more like a sequel to the first one , because they started from where the first one left off . They did a very good job on that one ! 🙂

  6. 2003 remake was by far my favorite the cast was great and loved seeing Jessica Biel bounce around now the re-re-make Texas chainsaw 3d was garbage I hate that movie with a passion worst part was when the main character basically gives leather face permission to kill by saying get him cuz… Wtf is that worst line ever


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