What’s Real, What’s Not in Doc ‘Fake Blood’?

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Can horror movies motivate a killer into replicating what’s seen on screen in real-life? That is a question posed by Fake Blood, a documentary from Rob Grant, a B-movie filmmaker who along with friend and producer Mike Kovac come face-to-face with a real killer who shares his violent past which may be connected to a current murder investigation.

“Fake Blood” 2018

But is this a real account of life imitating art or just a clever way to open discussion about how much influence horror movie violence has on the demented?

Although details on this documentary are a bit scarce, we can tell you that back in 2012 Rob and Mike made a film called Mon Ami, a thriller in which the main characters accidently kill someone. They decide to dismember the body by way of carpentry tools obtained from a hardware store.

In Fake Blood we discover that someone who has seen that film is inspired, maybe this time for real, he even sends the duo a video which shows him at the hardware store picking out his dissection tools.

“Fake Blood” 2018

This poses a quandary for both Rob and Mike who decide to explore the very essence of violence by visiting a gun range and later participating in a boxing match; they haven’t really ever been victims of violence before even though they use it to excess in their horror films

Their research brings them to a production consultant named “John” who may be a little bit more sinister than originally thought. He agrees to be interviewed, but only if his face and voice are disguised.

“Fake Blood” 2018

What happens next is a strange and terrifying twist to what would have otherwise been an arousing documentary about society and film violence.

“My life’s at risk, other people’s…” says “John” when Mike and Rob show up to the rendezvous with a cameraman, even though they promised no video.

Some genre outlets are calling Fake Blood the “best horror film of the 21st century,” and “an edge-of-your-seat rollercoaster thrill ride.”

Using re-enactments of John’s terrifying murderous anecdotes, Fake Blood becomes more and more unsettling which ultimately drives a wedge between Rob and Mike’s friendship.

But the question to the audience is, what is real, and what isn’t?

The film was released in select theaters on Feb.9, no word yet when it will be on VOD or DVD. But you can check out the trailer below.


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