[Interview] What You Might Not Have Known About Heather Langenkamp.

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My Life Growing Up On Elm Street

I associate most of my life with film, first and foremost horror films. Growing up my all time favorite series was A Nightmare On Elm Street (and still is to this day), sure the other slasher franchises impressed me, and I did embrace them, but not on the same caliber as A Nightmare On Elm Street. My first exposure to Freddy & Nancy was at the tender age of six; my parents had rented the original on VHS (I am sure some are asking what that is, hah)! While my mom was cleaning house, I casually sat down on the couch, pressed play on the remote, adjusted the tracking and my adventure into the dream world began.

Throughout my youth, I watched each Nightmare film with my buddies, and we would reenact scenes and shout out our favorite lines to each other, (“Screw your pass,” “Daddy you used me,” “I’ve been guarding my gate for a long time, bitch”)! Essentially Fred Krueger, his dream world adversary, and victims served as our babysitter. It should come to no surprise that the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, and everyone involved, have become one of the most critical pieces of my life, and will serve as such forever.

Over the past few years, I have had meaningful opportunities to meet and speak with individuals involved in the films. Still speechless at times, I don’t always have the words to describe the feelings and gratitude I receive on both a professional and fan level.

The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is a legacy that will stand the test of time and continue to prosper when everyone including myself is long gone. I am thankful for the work and performances that have been injected into the series, as silly as it may sound I consider my life “The House That Freddy Built.”

Now let’s begin with the real reason you chose to read this article, Heather Langenkamp.

Many are unaware Elm Street star Heather Langenkamp (Nancy Thompson) has been hard at work and doing some extraordinary things I must say. Heather and her husband, Dave Anderson have been running AFX Studios for nearly thirty years. Founded by both David and his father Lance Anderson the FX studio has been responsible for such cinema sensations as American Sniper, Dawn of The Dead, Cabin In The Woods, Dead Silence, Pet Sematary, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. A modest and humble Langenkamp did mention that the AFX Studio did just wrap filming last week on the FX horror sensation, American Horror Story: Cult.

Image AFX Studio

Amazingly, David has been nominated three times for an Academy Award for Best Make-Up, winning two Oscars for his achievements. Wait, there is more! He was also nominated for 4 Emmy Awards and won for American Horror Story: Freak Show for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Limited Series, Movie Or a Special. AFX specializes in anything Hollywood, or a filmmaker can dream up. Want more info? No problem, check out the main website by clicking here.

Image AFX Studio

When Heather isn’t working in the FX department, she still enjoys performing in front of the camera and is quite apparent in her new film Truth or Dare which will air on SyFy this evening. The role is small, however significant and essential for the film. Without giving away any spoilers, Langenkamp will find “a way to have some old comradery with her old friend Robert Englund.”

Go ahead and slide over to page two and check out our exclusive interview with Heather. We discuss her role in the new film Truth or Dare, the legacy, and importance of her Elm Street character Nancy, and of course, there is some Freddy Krueger sprinkled in for some added terror.

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